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If I could find a souvenier, just to prove the world was here...

Date: 2008-05-01 12:27
Subject: telephone madness
Visibility: Public
Location:Coast Investors
Music:Crucify - Tori Amos

As many of you know, I’m not in the habit to be updating my livejournal. At some point in the near future I plan on building one or two blogs to put my writing skill to more constructive (i.e. profitable) uses. However, recent events prompt me to say something.

About a week ago, the screen cracked on my cell phone that I’ve had for 18 months. This is the longest I’ve had a single cell phone, and until the screen broke, it was still in astoundingly good condition for as long as I’ve had it. Today I’m going to go up to Broward sometime after work to get my replacement cell phone, which, in the easing of my suffering, is actually a much nicer phone than I’ve ever had.

Advice on the sudden demise of a cell phone connected to your primary phone number:

1)      If you lock your keys in your boyfriend’s apartment, and do not discover this until you get home from work around 5:30pm, stop at a gas station before hitting the road and stock up on beverages and snacks. If it’s D&D night, you’ll be sitting outside of his apartment for a while before you can get a neighbor to lend you their phone to call his cell.

2)      If there is ANY possibility that a room mate of a good friend of yours will have two extra Bon Jovi tickets he’d be willing to just give you, make sure said friend has your boyfriend’s cell number and your landline phone number.

3)      Always have your phone shipped to somewhere at least close to where you live, just in case your father is put through a medical test that requires him to not drive for a few days on the same day your phone gets shipped to your parents’ house.

 If I’ve only just received your phone number in the last two or three months, I need it again. That is all.

Lata daze.


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Date: 2008-03-11 09:13
Subject: langerado 2008
Visibility: Public
Location:Coast Investors
Music:Two Coins - Dispatch

the powers that be here on livejournal inform me that i haven't updated in 27 weeks. what can i say? life has been hectic? i have a new job at a commercial real estate broker and private lending company, my boyfriend and i are coming up on our anniversary, etc etc... but that is not what's important right now.
langerado 2008 was no less than surreal.
take these factors into account:
- the weekend displayed all varieties of some of the worse florida weather imaginable, i.e. hot and humid, torrential downpours with tornado warnings, and freakin' cold.
- dan and i were completely unprepared to go camping. we're renting a van that can fit a mattress in the back next year.
- the fire ant and bathroom situations were borderline unbearable. i got a bite so bad that two days later i had to go to the first aid tent to get a benadryl to stop the balloon like swelling of my foot. while i was there, 5 other people were being lathered up with calamine lotion bitching about how they don't have ants like this back home.
- dan and i didn't shower for four days. hardly anyone did.
but the experience was absolutely amazing. there we were, out in the middle of the florida wilderness, 30 miles from civilisation, surrounded by some of the strangest people imaginable (some of it intentional, some of it not), for four days of some of the most amazing music up close and a big ass ferris wheel.
here come some more bullet action. highlights:
- les claypool. not only was that entire set absolutley phenominal, but for 45 minutes we were standing a little too close to a naked man, tweaked out of his mind, dancing around and creating a swath in the crowd about 30 feet in diameter. between him and les claypool, it was an experience of polar opposite quality performance.
- the roots, and they're replacement for the bass player, a sousaphonist nicknamed tuba gooding, jr. they did a 20 minute bob dylan cover with a sick drum solo that was out of this world. dan was hit in the chest with tuba's sweat rag, which is still in my backpack. i was instructed not to wash it.
- the wailers brought out matisyahu to help with no woman, no cry. we got some good pictures of that.
- the beastie boys, R.E.M. and 311 all had some kick ass jam sessions. i say, so what if they didn't play the same old favorites, they were well up to par with the rest of the festival for it. though, R.E.M definitely played everything i wanted to hear.
- dan and i were super close for state radio and pete francis, a.k.a. the dispatch alum. pete francis's set was on the smallest stage and was super intimate. what was awesome about it is that he had craigy d on the sax, who was on most of dispatch's live albums. both bands had some amazing jams. both did one dispatch cover.
and yes, we rode the ferris wheel.
a paraphrase (because i don't remember it word for word) from the gov't mule sound check:

"john tripped into a well
down a big shaft he fell
hit his head
on a rock
and was knocked
and when he awoke
he looked up
and saw a big ass fucking ferris wheel"

lata daze.


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Date: 2007-08-29 14:07
Subject: cooties
Visibility: Public
Location:FIU Green Libary
Music:Sunday Morning - K-OS
i hate college students.
worse yet, there are people here taking up parking space that graduated from highschool THIS YEAR. it's not a revelation, but it becomes more real and apparent when you feel like stepping on the barely legals giggling in line about how mature they are in the financial aid office. like bugs. an infestation of irretation in an already annoying situation.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-08-08 04:47
Subject: give me another one
Visibility: Public
Music:Robby Hunter
i shouldn't be awake right now. but i am.
the temperature in my room is perfect. the volume of the cd on the radio is perfect (and i wish i knew the name of the track that's playing). even the taste of the water i've been drinking is perfect. i am, however, not perfect. but i'll savor the atmosphere until my exhaustion kicks in and not think about tomorrow or the weekend or my birthday.
birthday blues kicked in a little early this year. if only i had my passport and had the money to go to bimini. i might have prolonged this lonliness. and if only the beach would feel this euphoric, i'd go tomorrow morning. but the sun would burn my skin and i'd long for a nice lukewarm shower and a nap.
so all i have is my imagination and this sweet glass of water. that'll be enough for now.
lata daze.
p.s. i'm sorry for leaving. i needed this.
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Date: 2007-07-25 16:11
Subject: choke
Visibility: Public
Music:Even - Dispatch
"Available Balance as of 07/25/2007 : $259.26"

and everything needs to be paid in a week or two. excuse me while i go have a heart attack...
i have not had a very good past few days and i'm going to have to change this.
step 1: watch breakfast at tiffany's with my homemade banana bread
step 2: track down my freakin' debit card with emergency funds
step 3: catch up with my girls
step 4: make sweet love
step 5: "borrow" my mom's copy of deathly hollows and immerse
step 6: write something awesome
step 7: cleanse and reflect by the shore (preferably around dusk)
feel free to make your own additions. i accept cash, but spontaneous strong bear hugs, bouts of dancing, and a good laugh are preferred. for the time being, aaccckkk...
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-07-14 21:50
Subject: dispatch: zimbabwe, july 13
Visibility: Public

last night's show had to have been the best concert i have ever seen in my life. the guys from dispatch really put on a show. i got floor seats, and one of the more exciting aspects of the concert was when they did a short acoustic bit right in the middle of the floor (shown in the photo). they also had a children's choir that was actually from zimbabwe (with a few other musicians). they sang elias at the end and during outloud, they ran in place at the part of the song where they repeat the phrase "i'll come running."
seriously though, i'm in awe at how amazing those guys are as musicians. if i had to do it again, i would have spent the money to go to all three shows. at least with the first night i got to see some of the suprises first. and if you only download one song from the concert series, get flying horses. the best version i've heard to date they did last night.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-07-06 17:42
Subject: iphone smasher
Visibility: Public
Music:Wonderwall - Oasis
the infamous iphone smasher (look for iphone smash on youtube) is going to be on cnn tonight at 7, then again at 9. and why would i care about such trivial news of the cult of steve jobs? because this individual was also directly involved in the smashing of my foot via a car accident on the fourth of july.
for all of those who wanted to kill him, trust me, he came close to death in the hands of my boyfriend who also happens to be his room mate as of august 1at. truth be told, he didn't actually smash the iphone himself, he just videotaped it. and the accident could have happened to anyone, since we hydroplaned in a low spot on a bridge and the car in front of us had done the exact same thing. but for all intents and purposes, you may also remember the iphone smasher as my company to the worse fourth of july i've ever had.
now to retreat to my vicodin and flexoril with a splash of bitterness and contempt chased with a pinch of lonliness, as my man has gone off to the promised land until july 19th. ennui. crazy week, i tells ya.
lata daze
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Date: 2007-07-04 13:05
Subject: words
Visibility: Public
Music:We Are Nowhere and It's Now - Bright Eyes
in a very james lipton q & a bank of useless information about me, my favorite word happens to be cake. the look and sound of that hard "k" and the way it compliments the "a" and "c" makes it as aesthetically and auditorily pleasing as it is gastronomically. however, this one falls in my top 10:
phantasmagoria: a shifting series or succession of things seen or imagined.
or, and this is straight out of my sophomore yearbook for those of you who were there:
phantasmagoric: constantly changing stream of images, that shift, appearing to be dreamlike.
i mention this because 1) it happened to be the google word of the day, and 2) i think everyone should enjoy a little phantasmagoria every once in a while. it doesn't have to be chemically induced, just close your eyes. a beautiful mind has no trouble seeing beautiful images under any circumstance.
mmm, cake...
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-06-23 17:32
Subject: life poetry
Visibility: Public
Music:Damien Rice
all the things i want to say to you
should be written in a song
but i don't play no instruments
so i sure would do it wrong

justice to my passion, justice to the earth
family, friends, and neighbors
are more than what it's worth

a tribute to first drafts and comfort with mistakes.
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Date: 2007-06-21 13:15
Subject: shot down the moon
Visibility: Public
Music:Catch Me Up - Gomez
footnote to my insanity:
stupid internets.
both tom from myspace and al gore are in need of a swift kick to the face.
"i will always wait for you to catch me up..." and to think they were playing that song in the gap.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-06-18 21:53
Subject: prelude
Visibility: Public
Music:No Name #3 - Elliott Smith
prelude to how i spent half of my day:

it's 8:45 in the morning. there's a knock at the door
mary: hello? danny?
dan: (tired and slighty annoyed) yes?
mary: you and elizabeth need to move your car. i have some guys coming to trim the trees and they'll be working in that area.
dan: ok...(turns to me) i was having the weirdest dream...
me: the one where your mom knocked at your bedroom door and told us to move our cars? yeah, me too...

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Date: 2007-06-15 20:29
Subject: my soul was filled with crystal light
Visibility: Public
Music:Werewolf - CocoRosie

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Date: 2007-06-11 15:29
Subject: note to my computer
Visibility: Public
Music:Lotion - Greens Keepers
while you were away/sick:
- became a little more official with mein awesome new partner in crime
- saw TOOL (OMFG...)
- many nights of randomness and debauchery; 3 nights in a row without sleep in recent history followed by a saturday night nap date
- a handful of potentially uncomfortable situations smoothed over
- feeling more and more at home with where i am
- a lot of new staff at work, some of which are awesome, one i need to keep an eye on, and mi amor lisa is coming back this week
there is a lot going on behind all of those bullets, but there is a lot going on in my life right now, most of which a kind of good that excites me. and i have nothing but love for everyone in my life right now, from billy the super sweet regular at the cuda who proves looks are decieving to my new boyfriend who probably never expected to be with me, because i sure as hell didn't see it coming. WHAM! like a game winning home run baseball to the cranium.
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Date: 2007-05-22 08:26
Subject: update: longtime
Visibility: Public
Music:Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
i didn't sleep last night. i went over to danny's to make a deal with some cupcakes and by the time things wound down, it was pointless to sleep.
so he's off to the bahamas for a week.
and i'm waiting for the boredom to kick in as i have not slept at my own place for almost month now and have forgotten what i used to do at nights before bed.
so i think things are going well with the guy. i don't know why i'd expect otherwise, but there's a tiny little voice in the back of my mind that keeps whispering of an inevitable ending of something i haven't had in a long time: safety. he's met my father. not under the greatest of circumstances, as i had found out the hard way that i am not the registered owner of my car. daddy had to come bail my car out after being towed at one in the morning off sistrunk and broward blvd. lovely. but nonetheless, it seemed okay.
i'm thinking i have a good feeling about this.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-05-11 06:11
Subject: but my brain knows better
Visibility: Public
Music:Hey Jude - The Beatles
not having a very good night/morning. i think i ended up with a grand total of an hour and a half's worth of sleep before a text woke me up and my mind took over. analysation and overwhelming emotion are a bitch.
i'm starting to remember why i was so down around the time my paycheck punched me in the face and kicked me in the gut. that in conjuction with this is why i had a mini break down. and now it's why i'm going to have to have an uncomfortable chat with a certain someone.
sending the lappy into service is becoming inevitable, which is going to suck, since i won't have a computer for a while and i'm probably going to have to spend a few hours restoring all my documents and settings to the way i like them. but the sunuvabitch keeps overheating and turning off in a perfectly well air conditioned room, on a well ventilated surface, and for basically no good reason and the time before this time i restarted it, it showed me it was running chkdsk. not cool.
and on top of all this, i am absolutely dreading the weekend. my manager is out of town and i am going to be working open to close on both saturday and sunday. on mother's day weekend. six hour, medium traffic shifts by myself exhaust me. this will suck fairly hardcore. especially if i'm not getting sleep like this. and especially if she keeps sending me reminders and to-do lists along with having the district manager check up on me. seriously?
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-05-07 21:13
Subject: all about the girl who came to stay
Visibility: Public
Music:The Beatles
crazy last few days.
friday night went to see steel pulse with the wagster and a group of people that i kind of knew. highlights: "dude! that's my cousin, c'mon...," aviators on the beach at midnight, and the kind of driving in circles that i thought i was the only one capable of. but not in that order.
then i had my sister over for saturday night. went to a good-bye/cinco de mayo barbeque at andres's place. lots of meat. then we went to see spiderman 3. the best part about the movie were the previews. a new bourne movie is coming out, and if you haven't seen it, look up the trailer for across the universe. holy crap. it looks to be one of those films that could be total shit or mind-blowingly awesome; no middle ground. and it's a musical!
then on sunday we went to church. talked to fr. jose, ate brunch at greenstreet, then realized how boring i must be for a ten year old to hang out with.
then sunday night i almost died. no exaggeration here, i seriously don't know how i made it home alive or at least not seriously injured.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-05-01 11:46
Subject: get up, stand up
Visibility: Public
despite the uneccessary layout change and my ongoing bitterness about submitted link rejection dating back to 2002, this found in a pseudo-noteworthy cliché thread on the fark twas quite amusante (the article was about a bat infested school in australia):

and in the theme of random tidbits, i also found the google quote of the day quite awesome:
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
- Abraham Lincoln

so now we see the light, we're gonna stand up for our rights!

caption: the man.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-04-26 20:42
Subject: thank you Lord
Visibility: Public
Music:We Haven't Turned Around - Gomez
i am DONE with this semester.
that's one down and ::looks at fingers as if counting::...a fuckload more to go.
not necessarily a fuckload, but certainly more than i want to endure. at this point the end is becoming more tangible, however. that feels good if nothing else. and blah blah blah blah blah...
i saw the baby today!! hope to spend more time with him and lisa in the upcoming weeks. he's so adorable.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-04-24 01:21
Subject: all the best ultrasex
Visibility: Public
Music:Faggot - Mindless Self Indulgence
what is it with the end of a semester that makes me think that i am going to take more time to write fiction and express my linguistic talent eloquently through novelistic prose? i've become so convinced in the past that i was actually going to have the ongoing initiative to do this (for real this time) that i have actually started at least three projects. the operative word there being "started." maybe when i graduate and i have extra time and less things to worry about in my sad, poverty stricken existence. or maybe not.
anyway, what ever void of anxiety graduation may leave, something else will surely take it's place.
on a lighter note, a message from a colombian in kyoto:
elevenislouder (8:08:32 AM): I am very knowledgeable in the ways of the dancing afrikaans.
Auto response from freakus jocasta (8:08:32 AM): And then she rested...
elevenislouder (8:08:44 AM): rested she then And...
elevenislouder (8:08:52 AM): HSIASD
all i know is that in all probability, this was written at an unreasonable time to be intoxicated.
lata daze.
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Date: 2007-04-21 11:36
Subject: simple in the moonlight
Visibility: Public
Music:Because - The Beatles
despite my best efforts to be anti-social, ended up in some shady neihborhood off sunrise blvd last night talking to a stripper named silver. she was talking about how she's one of the better looking girls at goldrush, and man...DO NOT go to goldrush.
it may be full nude, fellas, but trust me, it will not be worth it.
i shouldn't say anything though. she was being a good hostess. she fixed me a huge glass of jack with a splash of dr. pepper and asked if i did coke before her and one of the other women there retreated to her boyfriend's bedroom for a few minutes.
overall, the "party" did fit my mood. and i think i should start seriously considering writing a book about these things. i get into some of the most random shit.
michael franti: "all the freaky people make the beauty of the world..."
lata daze.
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